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Besides facilating treatment at our partner hospitals, we will arrange for your airtravel, hotel stay, airport pick ups and local transport.
For Malaysian Patients
For Indonesian Patients

Medical Procedures

World class affordable treatment in Malaysia

Malaysia medical tourism

We facilitate treatment, hospitalization, visa and stay for patients looking for affordable medical surgery and treatment
options in Malaysia. Send us your medical case details, we consult doctors in Malaysia and provide you a free quote.

As Malaysia's premier health tourism service provider, we link the space between patients in UK, Europe,
USA, Africa, Middle east, Australia and the health service providers in Malaysia. We arrange for your treatment, stay and
travel in Malaysia.

At MalaysiaMediTravel we have pulled together wide-ranging list of Malaysia based medical providers, together
with meticulous information about every hospital and the medical specialties and services they provide. Our
providers have team of well qualified and professional doctors, dentist & nursing staff trained in UK and
USA and have finest infrastructure, the top Medical facilities, which come at the most affordable charges.
All set ups are fully equipped contemporary.

What we do

If you are looking for affordable treatment please contact us with your medical query. Once you contact us -
  1. We will request you for your medical reports, Xrays and other test results.
  2. MalaysiaMediTravel will consult the doctors in Malaysia with these reports and case history.
  3. The doctors can then chart out the treatment plan that you should follow. The doctors will also provide information about cost estimate and duration of stay required.
  4. Malaysia MediTravel will then arrange for your air travel, accommodation, local transport and help fulfill all requirements during your Malaysia visit. We don't
    charge a service fee from our patients.

We have excellent after care facilities & offer outstanding heal & holiday. Packages to rebuild your strength as you relax in the splendid
beaches of Malaysia, shopping in Kuala Lampur, by the side of the moon-lit river walk.

For a free price quote or medical queries please feel free to contact us over the email at contact@MalaysiaMediTravel.com Or call us at: +1-920-889-5302 or +91-9891497299 or +91-11-30621718

Tourism in Malaysia

Malaysia Tourism

Pangkor Island-

This island attracts visitors with its splendid beaches, tranquil blue waters and eating joints. A wide range of
sport and fun activities such as scuba diving, fishing, snorkelling and windsurfing are available. Enjoy the natural beauty of unspoilt nature, exotic flora and fauna, something that makes Pangkot island one of the sought after destinations in Malaysia.

Sukau Rainforest -

Situated on the Kinabatangan River, the Sukau rainforest is a unique combination of various blends of wildlife, the main attraction being the proboscis monkey. The Sukau area is in fact so rich in fauna that, in a short stay, you can experience a fascinating number of different wildlife including primates, birds and reptiles.

Kuala Lampur -
Kuala Lumpur is the capital and the second largest city in Malaysia in terms of population. The Culture of Malaysia is a blend of the varied cultures of the different people of Malaysia. The first people to inhabitate the area were indigenous tribes that still remain there. These were followed by the Malays who had moved there from parts of mainland Asia in ancient times. Malaysia is a multicultural, multi ethnic and multilingual society. Yet the many ethnic groups in Malaysia maintain their unique cultural identities. Malaysia consists of two very distinct geographical areas: The Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. The geography of Kuala Lumpur is characterized by a valley known as the Klang Valley. The valley is bordered by the Titiwangsa Mountain range in the east, several small ranges in the north and the south and the Strait of Malacca towards the west.